The surrounding area would remind anyone of a forest, if they ignore the distorted and snapped trees. There were many birds and small forest creatures that looked like nothing from earth wandering and skittering around. There was a small path leading to tan ruins, baked by the son. There was a young man standing before the steps. He appeared to be praying, and a small creature was standing before him. At first glance it could have been a dog, but it was in fact a dragon.

"Kippling," the young man said with a clear voice. "How is Hjördis doing today?"

*Better than she was, the Goddess willing.* He bowed his head, *But today my Bondmate seems to be in high spirits. A good day for all of us.*

"That means you haven't tried to kill anyone today?"

*I didn't say that Lee,* the dragon winked. *I may be cute but I'm just as dangerous.*

The boy dubbed Lee smiled before standing and beginning his ascent up the degrading stairway. He brushed the trees away as he walked by. The dragon waddled behind him, though it was more of a strut than anything else. The boy after twenty some minutes of struggling through the underbrush and stray creatures came to a rusted gate. "Three fold? Another has joined the Holy Island?" He looked to the dragon for conformation.

He nodded, *Very respectable dragons, though they're sticks in comparison to the rest of us. Bunnies and Clarus alike.*

"Still, this is a good sign," he smiled and entered the one labeled 'Temple of Dea.'

The dragon sighed before following the young man.



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