Ittoki-- This magic involves controlling time, and summoning an object or person from one place to another. Only at the adult stage (with coming of age object) can change the course of time.

Gogyou-- This magic involves water spells. If a dragon lives by an ocean the can control the tides and the like when they become adults (with coming of age object). If they don't live the near the ocean they can create water spells to defend friends and family.

Bakkufaia--- This magic involves fire spells. Basically they can control any fire that has be started and create their own. When adults (with coming of age object) they can create spells of mass destruction just to protect their loved ones.

Aasu-- This magic has to do with the earth. They can heal sick plants. They can create gardens of great beauty. When they are adults (with coming of age object) they can create earthquakes and control the earth around them for an attack spell.

Biribiri-- Magic that has to do with electrical currents. The can shock things and create static electricity. They can stun their an enemy as teens. As adults (with coming of age object) if they so desire they can make their attacks fatal.

Aakutou-- This is light magic. It involves healing wounds and souls and creating light. The only attack spell that is in this magic is a massive light spell only adults (with coming of age object) can use.

Anchuu-- This is magic of darkness. It is only made for attacks and self-defense. It involves hurting peoples mind, and body. Only adults (with coming of age object) can unlock the ultimate power of this destructive magic.

Gaisuto-- This is spirit magic. They can project themselves on an astral plain when they are adults (with...must I say it?). They can create small attacks to hurt an attacker if needed.

Bifuu -- Magic of the air. This can control the winds, clouds and so forth. Again, CoA gift is needed to gain full power.


Dragons are born with a small amount of magic to begin with, but it isn't powerful enough to do much at the earlier stages of life. They choose to focus their magic in one particular area so they can become stronger. Later in life they may choose to pick up a second power. This can only happen with the approval of the Kouryuu council and Lady Hjördis.

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