Welcome to the Classroom

The Clarus dragons didn't always live in this dull place. We lived in a land were mythical creatures had their very own kingdom. We lived in peace with all the other beings of the land until a man by the name of Atsui came into power. The six guardians of SanctusClarusMagice were all banished and locked away, leaving the kingdoms open to attack. Many dragons died, but some of thankfully escaped from the evil puppet.

Magic is important to the Clarus, even now with their home still in pieces, rebuilding from the horror they practice like they did in their realm. 

The coming of age ceremony is important for Clarus dragons since they receive a way of holding and controlling their magic. It can range from an object to an creature of some sort. They can also mate if they choose.

Some Clarus can speak, and some cannot. The mirror dragons can speak since they can change their forms. Some fairy dragons have been know to talk, but most stick to the old fashion way of communication.

Clarus stay relatively small according to dragon standards. The smallest Clarus dragon recorded be one foot and the largest ever recorded was six feet in height. The length of a dragon varies. Clutches are from about two to six eggs

The normal size for a clarus dragon are as follows:

The egg is normally  seven ( 7 ) inches high when lying flat, but about twelve (12) inches when stood on end. The hatchling is normally five (5) inches high (flat) and fourteen (14) inches long. Teens vary, but are normally (with legs) two (2) feet tall and three (3) feet long. All adults vary, but they can reach six (6) feet tall and ten (10) feet long