Dragon Gods, Goddess and assorted cases
Mutations of strange origins
Blessed and Cursed Dragons 



Dragon Gods, Goddess and assorted cases

Aria Dea- The Dragon Goddess of Destruction. She takes a form of a white Clarus Dragon Hybrid (and she has a human form as well, since she loves screwing with peoples heads.) She controls all things destructive and chaotic.

Marius Deus- The Dragon God of Creation. He takes the form of a black hybrid Clarus. (He also has a human form to put Aria Dea in check.) He controls all things commonly labeled "good." 

Haia Deium - The Genderless Dragon God of Balance.  "He" takes the form of a Bronze Hybrid Clarus. (Human form goes without saying. We have no idea what he does about the gender.)  He keeps the balance for all of the thousands of shades of gray that Marius Deus and Aria Dea don't cover.




Mutations of Strange origins
Storm fragments - Condensation forms several parts of the dragons body, for example the tip of their tail may be made of condensation. Also Smoke fragments have the same feel, but are obviously made of smoke.

Wing - When a dragon has miniature wings attached to the body. They're utterly useless.

D-wing - Detached wings.





Blessed and Cursed dragons
These dragons have been cursed or blessed by a god or goddess. That god or goddess can be from any race, any at all, and it will become the dominate trait in the blood line. If it shows up at all.