Do I need a website to have a dragon?

Yes, that and an email account so you can receive notification of your dragon's growth and other fun stuff. 

    Can I have a dragon?

 Not directly from us. You must compose a story and fill out a form like everyone else.

    When will there be eggs? When will my dragon grow? When will there be a clutch?!

.... The dragons grow when we have time to draw the stages and when we have time.  As for clutches you have  to  join the Mailing list. 

    Can I use your dragons for another adoption agency? can't. You have to send the people to this agency to adopt.


    Clarus Dragons have several different eye colors, do they mean anything?

Not Really, I just enjoy picking different eye colors for the dragons to make them a bit more interesting.

    So... do Clarus dragons have scales or fur?

Most of the time they have smooth skin much like a human's skin, but it's far harder then that of a human. When they do have fur it's fine, and soft like a well groomed cat. Normally whites end up with the fur since all the other dragons would find it mildly impractical.

   What do you use to make the Bunny/Clarus Dragons?

Kari-Muffin uses Paintshop Pro and Photoshop, while Lilu Bunni uses GIMP for Windows. The older Clarus dragons were done in Painter Classic. The older Bunny dragons were done in MS paint and Paintshop Pro.

    What's up with the carrots and the muffins?

Our nicknames are Bunni and Muffin (*points above*) so carrots are for bunni and muffins are for muffin. 



These are the questions we get sick of hearing. If your question isn't answered here or in the rules you can email us. Just don't be rude or we won't answer! email us