Decorated Colors and Types

Common Mutation

- The majority of Decorated Clarus dragons have a combination of colors. A solid and then a secondary band of color, that appears in stripes, spots, etc. The color of the dragon doesn't usually influence the personality.

The Solid Colors

These are the various colors that make up the mixed dragons. A solid Decorated Clarus dragon is almost unheard of... no wait... it is unheard of.

Fire related dragons. They're commonly aggressors.

Water related dragons. They're normally determined, and refuse to back down from a fight.


Nature related dragons. They're normally your typical down to earth dragon. 

Like the Regular Clarus dragons, they have the tendency to be a confused lot. They're lovers of fighting, and refuse to go anywhere without a weapon in tow.

The best way to describe these dragons is blonde. They tend to hang around level headed people. ( Most likely to annoy them. )

Peace and good will towards others? I think not. Whites /hate/ human contact and would rather jog off a cliff than deal with them. When bondmates are concerned it would be best to put them with a dominate alpha male/female.

The sociable little buggers need constant attention. Otherwise they have been known to become destructive. 

These dragons are commonly associated with the wind. They're also some of the vainest dragons to walk the face of the earth.


This coloration is pretty unusual. It's vaguely related to the color gray, though the personality is a complete turn around. These dragons are sometimes called divine, because of their morbid senses of humor. (They're far from it.)


Bronze dragons are quite entertaining. They're lovers of hoarding and shiny things. ( Go figure. ) 

The sinister cousin of yellow, these dragons have a morbid sense of humor and a huge ego to boot.




Serpent- They have no legs like a snake, and they have large feathery wings.

Mihi- The have four legs and usually wings, the basic "western" like dragon.

Fontis- Snake like dragons that have no legs and majority of the time small wings. They are normally attracted to water (or liquid in general.)

Ventilo-The lovers of flight and high places. The have large wings and more times then not they have four legs.


Egg - Both the male eggs and the females eggs look the same. They're a muddier version of the regular female Clarus dragon egg.

Hatchling - The hatchling is a smaller version of what it's going to be. They usually are lacking in particular traits. 

Adult - The full blown Decorated Clarus dragons. They've already quested for their coming of age gift and have managed to acquire it. >_> No teen angst for these dragons.