Colors and Types

 Rauha, a cute black serpent dragon sat next to a book. She paged through it using the tips of her feathers like fingers, which meant she had done this a numerous amount of times.

 I'm Rauha. ^_~ Lady of the Dea.

She dipped one of her feathers in ink and scribbled a note in the margin of a colorful page. It read "revise and edit colors."

The Basic Colors

- Red dragons tend to enjoy heat and fire. Most of the time they are pacifists, unless their family or friends are in danger, then they will pass a fist through anything that gets in their way. Besides that the red dragons are like typical reds.

- Blue dragons enjoy water and swimming. They are quite shy and don't make friends easily. They have a tendency to shy away from fighting and physical combat, because they tend to have a weak build.

- The lovers of plants and anything else that grows. They are bouncy, energetic and love to eat. They're generally good natured, and are easily amused.

- These are rather confusing dragons... They are very picky, nosey, and have a bit of ADD. Change seems to be the greatest common factor for these dragons, along with the love of sharp things and fighting. A true warrior at heart.

- The lovers of the sun and summer! The "bleach blonde" of the Clarus dragon world. They tend to have mood swings, but they quickly subside.

- The lovers of ice, snow, and cold climates. The honorable dragons that take part in many fights. Most whites have a one track mind and will do anything for honor, glory or respect among the masses. Thanks to them a "convention" is held every few years for about a week. All white dragons are obligated to fight, and any dragon can join the festivities, but mostly whites fight for the glory of the Clarus Champion Crown.

- The true pacifists of the dragons, and many are called monks of the Clarus order. They may be pacifists but they are still moody, and lovers of the dark. No matter the circumstances they will not take up arms against a foe, for fear of braking the unwritten code among the blacks. The black dragons also have a convention, commonly called the "Pacifists Party" by outsiders, it is a group of nonviolent contests where dragons can receive amazing prizes for logic and many other things.

Not so Basic Colors

- They are a combination of any of the above colors. Not the easiest to find. Because of this they are classified as uncommon. They don't nesscacarily follow the color traits above, and many new mutations can be created.


As Rare As They Get colors

- These dragons are very mysterious, and they like it that way. Even though they're born with a naturally short fuse, they are highly loved, prized and respected among the Clarus.

- The greatest common factor is their ablity to morph into any living object. Mystery is this dragon's middle name.


Kangaroo- This dragon has two hind legs and two wings in place of front legs. (see Kippling)

Serpent- They have no legs like a snake, and they have large feathery wings.

- They have magical jewels in the center of their heads. They also have another type with them (see Rauha). No one really knows why the jewels are there in the first place, they just are... and they have yet to figure out their purpose.

Fairy dragons- Type one- They have butterfly like wings on their backs. They are known for the cruel pranks they play on humans. They hang around fairies more than dragons and other magical creatures.

Type Two-These dragons are also a type of fairy but one wing is the opposite of the other. (Example: One wing is feathery and the other looks like it's made of leaves.) They do enjoy pulling pranks and the lot, though they do care for other creatures.

Mihi- The have four legs and sometimes small wings, the basic "western" like dragon.

Fontis- Snake like dragons that have no legs and majority of the time small wings. They are normally attracted to water (or liquid in general.)

Ventilo-The lovers of flight and high places. The have large wings and more times then not they have four legs.


The female egg is a rainbow color like the one picture below, the male egg is tan with rainbow like spots. Nothing is drawn to scale.