It's the first Coming of Age that has taken place in the Temple of Dea. The helper dragons are running around making preparations, While Hjördis is debating with the Kouryuu council. Tsuyamono "the dragon of love" is preparing to summon the Clarus Dragons and their bondmates to the ceremonies, but is double-checking with KoL and Rauha.

*Are you positive that these are the right location? Are you two positive about warning them?* Tsuyamono asks once again.

"For the last time, I did. I'm not as absent minded as you think I am. Rauha sent the invitations to the right place, and I double-checked their location. Remember Hjördis did force me to update the records," KoL fans herself more out of anger then the fact it was warm out.

*Yes, I did send the invitations. Can you please get ready? It's almost time and it would be very bad for our health if we were late,* Rauha pokes her dragon friend in the chest, *And remember my son and daughters are in this ceremony.*

*But, the location of that your two daughters and son...It's so strange...*

"Because they are adventurers? Just because you don't like going anywhere doesn't mean the other dragons of the world think and act the same."

*I know that! I'm going to summon the second clutch first since I know where they are.* she heaves a heavy sigh and sits on her hind legs. With a bright flash of light the dragons and the bondmates appear behind her. *Happy?*

KoL mutters to her, "Why yes," Then she changes to a happy voice and turns to the guests, "Welcome to the Gardens of Dea! This is where the ceremonies of the Coming of Age are held! Make yourselves at home until we summon the rest of the guest!"

Kippling walks up behind her and says, *KoL are you trying to scare them off or are you just a lunatic?*

She jumps and spins around, "Ah! Kippling! Well, now that you mention it I think it would be yes to both..."

*Please Bondmates and dragons make yourselves comfortable. Please don't mind KoL she's just a bit...hyperactive.* Rauha nods, *If you would be so kind as to move, for we have to summon the rest of the guest and our dear resident summoner has slightly bad aim.* With that said the bondmates move and walk off in different directions to examine the surroundings.

*My aim isn't that bad...*

*Just summon them already!* Kippling bounces over to Tsuyamono.

*Keep your tail on!* she does the same thing as she did before to summon the other guests. Unfortunately Rauha's remark about having bad aim holds true as two guests land in a near by fountain.

"Great aim," KoL rolls her eyes and walks over to the fountain, "Mister Tren and Miss Delinet are you okay?"

A man with blonde hair and slightly purple tinted skin along with a mirror dragon are sitting in the fountain. The purple dragon replies, *We're perfectly fine, but why are we sitting in a fountain in the first place?*

"You have the Dragoness Tsuyamono to thank for that. If you where moving at the time when she summoned you here then that most likely caused her to place you two in the fountain. Now let me help you out," she takes the man's hand but is caught by surprise by a sudden shriek behind her. This without a doubt caused her to lose her balance and concentration, and that caused her to fall into that fountain with a nice big splash. Once KoL recovers form the shock she growls and searches for the source of the sound. She doesn't have to look far, the sources are Mephistopheles and Istas the red dragon. "What was--"

"Hjördis is ready," Lee exclaims happily. He raises his voice so that everyone can hear him, "All bondmates and dragons please fallow this red dragon or go to the white line in front of the pavilion over there." He points to large white gazebo covered form top to bottom in assorted flowers. Hjördis was standing in the center with a few boxes scatter around her along with a covered birdcage. Also a man was arranging a few things She had her arms crossed and was tapping her foot, looking a bit impatient. She was wearing a red sulk dress that reach far past her feet instead of her normal attire.

"It's a gazebo idiot..." Istas pokes the brown haired boy in the leg with her tail. "You know what? I'll just be with Hjördis and Gideon," The dragon shook it's head and slithered off.

"Sorry! I couldn't remember what it was called!" Mephistopheles turns to the people in the fountain, "You should get going! With that said he prances off.

"Thanks a lot jerk!" KoL yells after him as she helps Tren and Delinet out of the fountain.

The bondmates and dragons are lined up in front of the gazebo waiting for Hjördis to explain what is happening. She walks down a few steps of the gazebo and begins to address them, "Welcome bondmates, dragons, and anyone else who is snooping around I am Hjördis. This is the most important event for a clarus dragon. You have all grown up to be very amazing dragons, and now it is time for you to receive your coming of age gifts so will be able to control your magical powers. Calahir and Kiya please step forward to receive the gift."

The two walk up and stop a few feet in front of her. She grins, "You two where quite a nice challenge for the council. Calahir you receive the Feather of Sanatio. This gives you the ability to heal any wound afflicted upon yourself or anyone else you wish to help. This little feather holds great power, so use it sparingly." She hands the lightweight feather to Kiya and gave them both a curtsy.

The Feather of Sanatio

"Charaustra and Jason please come forward." The young man and glass dragon come to Hjördis and stop a bit far from her. She smiles and claps her hands together, "You two are an amazing pair! The council and I give you Vis Astrum. This belonged to a great Biribiri mage at one time. It will allow you to create large waves of electricity that can kill your enemies or stun them. It will not hurt your friends under any circumstance, unless you lose your sanity or temper completely. This is a very great and powerful weapon, use it wisely and very carefully," She hands Jason a small, dark blue star made of crystal. She gives another curtsy to dismiss the two.

Vis Astrum

"Now, Delinet and Tren please step forward." The mirror dragon and blonde man step forward still drenched from falling in the fountain. Hjördis prevents herself from breaking into laughter and begins, "Now, for the vain little dragon Delinet. You are the total opposite of your bondmate, but somehow you both manage to stay sane. Just to make Tren a bit more insane I give you Aeternitas Fascinum. It gives you the ability to heal almost any fatal wound or sickness of a friend or yourself. This is special because it once belonged to a male mirror dragon who was a great healer, take very good care of it." She sets a grin on her face and hands the necklace to Tren. "KoL will get you some towels so you can dry off if you wish." She curtseys like she has done for the rest.

Aeternitas Fascinum

"Anaitis and Amil please step forward." They both happily step forward to face Hjördis. "You to make a good couple. Since the dear dragon Anaitis was born in the frozen north, We give you Nivosus. It allows you to stop time momentarily at anytime you wish. It will also allow you to summon things from long distances. Use it well." She hands the glass snowflake to Amil and curtseys.


"Oberon and Xylon please step forward," Hjördis stares as an extremely small dragon and a man with wings walk up. "Ah, yes. You two are quite an interesting pair. You now will both have the power to summon things or people. Oberon I give you Virens the talking disgruntled peacock!" She grabs the covered birdcage and rips of the blanket covering it. "Since you to are alone in the tower we all thought that you might need some company. This will allow you, Oberon, to summon any object you wish and allow to stop time at any hour you wish."

"How dare you lock me in this cage you--"

"Quiet you. Enjoy." she hands the cage to Xylon and gives yet another curtsy.

Virens the talking peacock

"Now, last but not least important. Zikomo and Alyn please come forward." A green dragon followed by a woman with brown hair and blue eyes. "Zikomo you are the first Aasu magic user in quite some time. I give you Viator Terra. This will allow you to make an earthquake of mass destruction if you so choose. It will also allow you to make massive gardens with unnaturally large flowers and such. Use it with pride." Hjördis hands the orb to Alyn and gives her final curtsy.

Viator Terra

"The first Coming of Age has come to an end. You are now all magical adults! You can stay here for a while if you wish to see who some of the possible mates are! Tsuyamono shall send you home when you wish." with those words said she walks to the main temple to get herself changed.

This was the end of the very first Coming of Age. All the dragons here shall pave the way of all the adoptable clarus dragons yet to come....

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