1. All rules must be followed.

2. You must have an e-mail address which you regularly check in order to adopt. If you get a dragon, I would hope you'd want to hear about it. If you do not have an e-mail address, stop living in the Dark Ages and get one via hotmail.com or similar free mailing agents.

3. You must have a valid, updateable website that has at least one page set up for a Bunny Dragon. If you do not have one, I suggest getting one via geocities.com, which has significantly less annoying ads than most other free websites. You must know html enough to update a website, provide links, and add pictures and text. I will not teach you html. There are plenty of free sites and other resources through which to learn html.

4. The dragon's stats page may be the same page as your story page if you wish. Since these dragons get really quite large, I would prefer it to be a seperate page, but whatever floats your boat. On the same page as the dragon's image, and somewhere very close to the image you must post a link back to the Veniam Mactare hub. The address to that site is http://vm.projectnos.net. DO NOT link back to FC or any of the affiliate pages. Link back to the hub. I tend to change my directory names every now and again, and we really don't need links to missing places, do we?

5. Also on whatever page the dragon's image is posted, very near to the dragon, the following statistics must also be posted:


You may include other stats if you so desire, but those listed above must be in your stats table.

6. Any images or resources used for your website must be properly credited and within the owner's usage terms. This includes, but is not limited to: dragons, layouts, graphics, backgrounds, counters, midis, lyrics, clipart, or anything you made yourself for the pages.

7. Do not redistribute my images. Do not use them for commercial purposes. Do not claim these dragons as your own. Do not take and post dragons that do not belong to you. Despite you being able to post them on your website, all copyrights of the bunny dragons of Ferreus Caves still belong to me, Lindsay "Lilu" Buck, and I have the original sketches and CGs to prove it.

8. Do not add text to, crop, or resize these dragons. Do not alter the format of the images. They come in transparent .png format (if you use IE 7.0 or the equivalent). If you would like a format other than .png, you must make this known in your application. At any growth stage, you may request special tattoos, scars, or jewelry, provided it isn't too elaborate. If you do not request these additions, it is my perrogative, based on your story, whether or not your dragon gets them. Also, if you request something insanely complicated, I will probably tell you know. I reserve the right to limit myself, and you can just deal with it.

9. Do not apply when there are no clutches available. You may ask when the next clutch will be open and to be added to the mailing list to receive updates from Ferreus Caves. If at any time you wish to leave the mailing list, you risk abandoning your dragons. You are automatically placed on the mailing list if you have adopted a dragon, and you may be placed on the list simply by e-mailing me (see the contact section of the site) and asking to be placed on the mailing list.