These are links that will open in a new window. They will take you to websites that offer similar adoptions or personal webpages that are worth looking into. I am not supplying resources, because I'm lazy and don't use them anymore, so I don't know what still works and what doesn't. XD; If you would like your website listed here, feel free to e-mail me, and we can discuss a link exchange.

Adoption Sites

VM Hub - The hubsite for Veniam Mactare. There you can visit FC's affiliates, Temple of Dea and /Paradise. If FC does not have dragons available, they usually do.

The Bishen Realm - The website that got me into adopting dragons, run by the fabulous Indy. Real life sometimes delays her nefarious plans for taking over the world with awesome dragons, but they're well worth the wait.

Isle of Mirrors - The website that adopts out Glenn dragons, run by Kari, our affiliate over at Temple of Dea. Glenns were originally adopted out by Indy, and Kari put a lot of effort into dragging the agency out of the depths of ... wherever it went. They're awesome dragons, and every self-respecting adopter needs at least one Glenn. X3

Personal Sites - My own personal website. Most of the stuff on it is my writing, and a lot of the links are broken, mostly because I'm a lazy git and haven't updated it in forever. XD; Woops.

Project Nos - Kari's personal website, wherein you can read her stories (which are awesome), stare at her art (which is awesome), or order commissions (which are awesome, and you feed a starving artist :D).

Dracogrex - Amsy's personal website, chock full of awesome humor, stories, and art. Heart for Amsy!