Bunny dragons are sensative little things. They need aspirations and goals in order to grow up properly. The very first goal and aspiration that they have when they meet their bondmate is to live up to their expectations. In order to help them out, the bondmate must name them after something or someone.

To properly name your Bunny Dragon, they must have a namesake.

1. A namesake may be a person, place, or ideal, or even a descriptive word. The namesakes may be real or ficticious, but the character naming the dragon must know of the namesake either way.

2. The name itself may be the feminine or masculine version of the namesake. (Roberta instead of Robert, or Michael instead of Michelle).

3. If an adjective is chosen, do try not to make it something like "Big" or "Dragon". Of course they're going to be big dragons. Duh.

4. The dragon must be named before it is hatched. It will not hatch until it has a name. Once it has a name, it will not change it unless it reverts back to an egg stage during abandonment. Then, it is the dragon's own choice whether it keeps its old name or takes a new one.

5. The name of the dragon, and the namesake of the dragon, will affect the dragon's personality. If you want a poetic dragon, name it after a poet. If you want a more war-charger-esque dragon, name it after a general or a battle.

6. Once you have settled on a name for your dragon, put it on the egg's stat table so that everyone knows what it is!