Welcome to Ferreus Caves

Last Update: 12.12.08 -- Eggs available. Clutch closes 20.12.08. Best of luck! :D

Ferreus Caves is located in the middle of a desert, the Salt Flats of Albanugia. They are so named because, even though there are dunes the further out one travels, the large majority of the peripheral sands are indeed flat. The winds there can gust up to 130mph, creating huge, flesh-eating salt-storms that destroy almost everything in their paths. The sun above the flats is a blue giant, and it burns hot in the sky which is violet on days when there are no clouds in the sky. In days where there are cirrus wisps, the sky has a bit more moisture to bounce light around with, and therefore makes the sky a bright blue.

One must be careful while walking the flats to have enough water, food, and shelter to survive, as well as some very nice eye-protection. Without it, one's eyes might as well never have existed, the glare and mirages are that bad.

The Ferreus Caves system is located towards the relative middle of the Salt Flats, though most visitors to the system will be transported there by the helpful Seraphs and Satyrs who call the system and the flats their home. The Caves are the only palce where one can receive a Bunny Dragon to bond.