Hutchlings are what one calls newly-hatched bunny dragons. By the time they are two weeks old, they are about the size of a full-grown saint bernard, and heavier. Their colors should be recognizeable immediately after hatching, and they will begin to walk within a few hours after devouring their lodgings. Young hutchlings learn quickly (they usually learn their bondmate's language while they're in an egg, and will project their thoughts almost immediately after hatching) and are extremely impressionable. They approach the world with an innocence and naivite that's almost frightening. They will learn to be jaded and sarcastic from their bondmates, most likely.

Hutchlings are also very playful, and most do not know their own strength. Almost all hutchlings love "yarn", though it's closer to steel cabling, as they choke on small fibers too easily. They investigate almost everything through eating it, and they must be watched like hawks by their bondmates, lest they eat some important documentation, family heirloom, or box of poison. Thankfully, a bunny dragon's digestive system is almost indestructable, and they can derive sustanance from just about anything.

They'll start swallowing rocks at this point. Do not be alarmed. They have gizzards, and the stones help the dragon break up and digest their food, for want of teeth.

If the dragon has wings at this stage, they will be full of cartilage, and the dragon will not be able to lift even an inch off the ground without jumping. Hutchlings are considered to have grown into dragonitts seven months to a year after hatching.