To adopt a dragon, please fill out the following form and send it to ixris[DOT]42[AT]gmail[DOT]com with the subject line "BD Application". There's a statistical and questionnaire part of the application, so make sure you fill both parts out! Many answers to the questionnaire part are found on the FC website. Thanks!

Available: 3 EGGS -- Closes 20.12.08 -- send in applications before this!

Nymaane x Kieran - Clutch 1




Name: (your name or online alias/handle)
E-mail address: (this should be whatever you're mailing me with, but on the off-chance that it's not, please supply it here anyway)
Homepage URL: (the hub site for your websites and pages, so I can stalk you see what you're into and if you're following image usage terms)

Applicant URL: (the main or first page of the site you're sending with which to apply for a dragon)
Bondmate: (the name of the bondmate you're submitting to bond to the dragon. YOU MUST have a bondmate ready in order to apply)
Desired dragon: (which of the available dragons would you like to attempt to adopt; if two or more applicants are applying for the same egg and they are pages and apps of equal goodness and there is a second egg available, I reserve the right to give one egg to one and the other egg to another.)

What colors are the parents of this clutch?:
What type are the parents of this clutch?:
When do seraphs and satyrs start hanging out with your dragon (in normal circumstances)?:
What kind of Christmas cookies should I make this week?:
How much snow is too much?:

That's it! After you've filled that out, you may e-mail it with the subject line "BD Application" to ixris[DOT]42[AT]gmail[DOT]com ! Be sure to take the capped words and brackets out, and substitute in the proper symbols!