Bunny dragon eggs are approximately two feet from tip to tip with a circumference around the fattest part of about two and a half feet. They are pourous, like chicken eggs, and laid white. The reason they all come out psychotic colors is because the Gehenians, that is the little seraphs and satyrs that flock the caves, like to go crazy and paint them while the parents of the clutch aren't looking. They paint the male eggs with silver designs, and the females with gold.

A female bunny dragon will clutch (that is lay and nurture) anywhere from three to ten eggs. The exact number of eggs lain is sometimes a random occurance, sometimes knowing that there will be fewer bondmates than usual, and sometimes boasting more for an exceptionally well-cared-for dragon.

The egg must be cared for in a very specific manner. It should be rolled from place to place (which is a good idea anyway, considering how heavy the things are!), and rolled in its nest (if its bondmate makes one) as this will prevent the unhatched dragon from sticking to the shell.

When the eggs hatch, the baby dragon will eat almost everything in sight - eggshell, nest, and even the mucous membrame in which it lived since it was lain.

Bunny dragons can exist in stasis indefinitely as eggs, though this is strongly discouraged, as hend colorations are more likely to occur from such long-term existance without a bondmate. The typical egg hatches three months after it has been colored.