Bunny dragons will eat anything and everything they can find. Their digestive systems are truly remarkable, as they will adapt to eat what is available, and to derrive necessary nutriants from these foods. They also act something like camels, storing up necessary vitamins and minerals (as opposed to fatty deposits as camels do) in their bulky bodies for when they are unavailable. It is practically impossible to poison a bunny dragon, and good luck in trying.

BDs will swallow a large number of stones. This is because bunny dragons do not have teeth. They have large, tearing beaks like vultures and other carrion birds. They swallow the stones to help grind up food in their gizzards before they are passed on to their stomachs for digestion.

Bunny dragons also love to pounce and play with things, and will often not realize their own strength until it is too late. Even as adults one of their favourite games involves chasing things (though they themselves hate to be chased). They prefer to stay hidden (for the most part) than to draw attention to themselves, and some will try to hide in very obvious places (usually under something too small for them to fit in).

They sleep about as much as their bondmate, and they take their daily habits from their bondmates as well. BDs will also likely develop skills and interests similar to that of their bondmates, at least in their early years, before they figure out what to do with themselves.