Any time you change your dragon's URL, or any time you wish to contact me, for whatever reason, especially applying for eggs or with any questions or clarifications you might need or have, feel free to e-mail me. You can call me Lilu, and my e-mail address is ixris[DOT]42[AT]gmail[DOT]com , replacing the bracket-word-bracket with the proper symbol. Make sure all mail includes VM or BD in the subject line, so I don't accidentally delete it as spam.

If you cannot get a hold of me via e-mail, poke Amsy and Kari, the webmistresses of the other two VM sites, and see if they've heard from me.

Also, there is a mailing list/update list for the BDs, which you may join through the same address, for straight-to-your inbox updates from me on what the devil is going on with the dragons this week/month/century.

If you have any questions at all, please don't be shy! I don't bite, most of the time. ^_~