Bunny dragons have two distinctive colors, the combination of which is determined by their surroundings, and in turn determine their personalities. These colors are very rarely determined before birth, and the more complicated, unnatural colors are rarer than others. The main color of the dragon is often determined by the dragon's surroundings. The 'secondary color', that of its wing membranes or similar areas, determine its personality. So, a bold dragon who lives by the sea will be a blue-red, that is, a blue dragon with red fins and wing membranes. Simple enough, right? Dragons who personify their coloration, as well as exist in the same environment, will have only one color. Tri-color dragons are results of disabilities, and the third color is always hend.

But before we get into all that, I would like to make a note of eye colors. 80% of all Bunny dragons have blue eyes. The vast majority of the dragons who do not have blue eyes have green or bronze eyes, as they are likely black or colwallander dragons. Beyond that, very rarely, there are other eye colors. These dragons have a touch more spark to them, an inch more life, a kick more personality than their neighbors. That's all. There is, beyond that, nothing special about these dragons who show up with purple or brown eyes.

Now, colors!

Lapine Colors - These are colors of rabbits seen in real life. As a whole, this classification of dragons are skittish, easily startled and frightened, and ineffably clever. They are cunning and quick, and most of them can lurk in proper camoflauge for days.

Black - Black dragons, and those with a secondary coloration of black, have green eyes. They love dark and shadows, not because these are menacing places, but because they can be comforting and warm. A rabbit is most safe, after all, underground in a warm, soft burrow. These dragons love to sunbathe, however, and enjoy soaking up the heat in their dark coats. They are natural nurturers, and their coats are the thickest, softest of all dragons. They will work endlessly for a just cause, and they will not abandon someone in danger.

Brown - Brown dragons are quick-witted, sharp, and clever. They ceaselessly solve riddles and mazes. They love a good mental challenge, and they love to wrap their brains around difficult questions. Puzzles will occupy them for hours on end. As for where they come from, browns love wooded areas, collonades, any place close and tight. They love wandering through mazes; even if they are strong enough to barrel through walls or jump hedges, they'll still solve it the old-fashioned way. They are extremely agile dragons. However, they are also slightly agoraphobic in regards to their surroundings.

Grey - Grey dragons love cities! They love stone structures (no matter how horribly ugly) and pavement. They love people, and they love caves. They are the most dynamic of all the dragons, and remarkably bold for a lapine color. After a while, few things startle them, and they'll chat the ear off anything, no matter how strange a creature. Greys have fantastic endurance, able to march, fly, or swim far longer than those of similar colors. These dragons are also sarcastic and witty, though somehow charming enough to make and keep friends.

White - White dragons love snow! They love ice and coldness. Anything above freezing likely makes them very nervous indeed, since snow is the only place they're likely to blend in beyond someone's shag carpeting. Whites are also likely to have angora-length fur, and have never been known to have scales instead of fur, as they'd likely freeze. Whites are often physicists of the dragon world, knowing the tensile strength of bridges, the thickness of ice, the balance of an object where and how will likely upset something, and the effects of friction with respect to their own bodies on the ice. Whites are very skittish, and they would rather flee for their lives than stand and fight against anything.

Draconic Colors - These are colors common to dragons and other fantasy creatures. They are colors that, in no ways, would occur in nature in a rabbit. Draconic colorations are comparatively bold, and far more sociable than the lapine colorations. They are fiercer and more passionate about their obsessions and fixations, and they are more willing to leave their comfort zones.

Blue - Blue dragons love water! Any type of water will do. Lakes, rivers, ponds, seaside grottos. You get the idea. Even glaciers sometimes fascinate these creatures. Blues are very social creatures, and they love change in their lives. Without change, they become restless and snippy. Blues are also very athletic and daredevils as well. They are skilled in aero/aquabatics, and many blues are born with webbed feet.

Green - Green dragons love open fields and hillsides. The pastural setting is their stomping ground (literally). They love the open area, because it lets them run. Greens love to run. As long as they're going fast, they're happy! They love to serve as messangers and courriers, and they take whatever duties are charged to them (as long as they agree to the duties) very seriously. There is little room for nonsense in a green dragon, but they don't get uptight about things, either. These dragons are honest to a fault, though sometimes lazy if they don't agree with a responsibility someone else has given them.

Purple - Purple dragon are drawn to mages and channelers of magic and the arcane. The supernatural also calls to them, and sometimes these dragons are bonded to ghosts and other nonentities. They love peaceful areas for their quiet reflections, though they will often visit towns to study philosophy and psychology with the learned minds there. Having no magic of their own, they love to watch a good trick, even if it is simple sleight-of-hand. These dragons are very creative, often artists and musicians and writers, and they either talk very much or very little, depending on the dragon's own preferences. Some purple dragons give two-word-answers, and others give two weeks of rambling on the same subject. They will often fillibust an argument, and they really can't tell when they're getting annoying. o_o;

Red - Reds are passionate in all their dealings - love, life, happiness, war, grieving. They take everything they feel and kick it up to the next level, and they make sure everyone around them knows it. They are the drama queens of the BD world, and they love the attention. Reds grow up in hot climates, be they volcanoes, fireplaces, apartments with screwy heating, or the tropical climates of Random Island Over Here. These dragons specialize in cheering people up and giving pep-talks, though they'd just as soon take a stand and stomp something if it ticked them off. They have quick tempers, but it's always a flash in the pan.

Rare Colors - These are cominations of colors that express themselves all at once. The BDs that are a rare color sometimes only have one coloring. This is because the rare colors are often so strong that it is difficult for them to do anything but express their main color as a personality. They are given to strong-willed adopters, because these are the most tempermental of all the BDs. Also, stories with good characterization and a strong sense of purpose are more likely to receive these dragons.

Charleton (Green/Grey/Brown) - Charleton dragons love quests, danger, excitement, and they love to play the straightman to it. They're the quiet constant in the background, the resolute and determined strong, silent type. They say little, but what they do say is not wasted. They weigh their words and choose them carefully. They are not happy to stay in one place for too long, but they cannot stray far from their bondmates. As such, they make ideal bonds to roving gamblers, troubadors, salesmen, knights errant, and similar stock. They are caring dragons, though they frequently put duty before emotion.

Colwallander (Brown/Beige/Grey) - Colwallanders are mavericks and wildcards, utterly brave or utterly stupid (and no one's sure which before, during, or after the fact). They act on impulse in everything from love and romance to battles to the death. They are good-natured as a rule, though they have a vicious, nasty streak that comes out when no one's looking. They are characterized by whiteless, cat-slit-pupilled bronze eyes, black tail fur, and often skinless talons. They show up where they want, when they want, often to people who would rather spend a quiet night saving the world without any trouble, and trouble is just what a colwallander is. And they love every minute of it.

Corliss (Purple/Green/Grey) - Corliss dragons are calm and peaceful creatures who spend their days enjoying their lives, rellishing their pursuits, and worrying about things to come. These dragons have deja-vous more often than any other creature, and as such have feelings of great unease. They are empathic creatures, sensing the moods of all creatures, even those not their bondmates. These dragons love rain more than anything, and will often feel a huge relief when the rain comes. Corliss dragons are rational, thoughtful beings who weigh their actions and will not make a move until it profits them or their bondmates or their purpose. They have deep-seated moral compasses, though they are prone to strong prejudices.

Hend (Black/Grey/Red) - Hends are the dragons most prone to disabilities and hazardous mutations. Even other colors who are born with disabilities have this coloring. As such, the hends get a bad rap from everyone else. These dragons are pegged as cruel-hearted, vicious, hating, spiteful, arrogant creatures best left to die alone and abandoned. That's true enough, because hends are the most human-like in their emotions, the dragons most likely to react just like every other person, especially their bondmate. These dragons are drawn to fire, to passion, to drive, and to insanity, because nothing gets done without a touch of crazy. Hends themselves have a very loving, very tender, very nurturing, very passionate streak, but they're also very machiavellian. The only one truly safe from their plotting is their bondmate, because to kill one's bondmate is to kill one's self.

Lucifer (Blue, Grey, Yellow) - Lucifers love to have fun! They're the impish, practical jokers of the dragon community. They are drawn to stoics as bondmates, and they love getting away with good dirty fun. They're not ashamed if people get hurt in the process of their pranks, though usually they plot things that won't get them run out of town. Lucifers have quick wits and go anywhere that looks dull and boring. They seem to be very flaky dragons, for the most part, but that's often just a front. They love a good laugh, and they find little else in life worth having. These dragons love people (because without an audiance, what's the point? o_O; ), and they'd sooner help someone than leave them to die, even if they are the lowest scum of the earth. They'd tie them to a post and make them listen to bad jokes afterwards, but hey, at least the guy's alive. o_o;

Tuesday (Grey, Green, Blue - all washed out) - Tuesday dragons are perhaps most marked by one thing - their ability to color-shift. They are able to change their fur color at will to express any range of colors, though rarely more than three hues at once. These dragons rarely find themselves attached to the mundane and ordinary, and are most frequently bonded to higher powers and intangeable forces, the only way a Bunny Dragon can ever appear to be unbonded. They serve willingly as harbingers and messengers to the masses, or even executioners of "fate" should the need arrise. They are happiest when given tasks, and have even more wanderlust than the Charletons, very rarely wanting anything to do with settling down.

Annabels - Annabel dragons get a class all their own. These dragons are the prototypical dragons, the colors before the dragons can be defined into colors. These dragons are a breed apart, given to bondmates that don't fit the molds, or bondmates on the receiving end of a cruel trick of fate. This is what you call a dragon that is the first ever seen of its coloring, before a name for the color can be decided upon. This is what you call a dragon who is so different, so strange, that there is no name for it beyond that of the saviour of the World. These dragons are very human in their emotions and their pulls. They have strong ties to family and friends, and they need people like people need them. These dragons shape the world, and they change it to their needs. They are destroyers, powerful and strong-willed, and often with just an inch more magic than those around them. These dragons are driven, and that's really the only word for it. Driven. They are driven to thrive, to succeed, to change things, to win the day, to seize immortality, or whatever. They are ambitious, and often cold-hearted. Annabel dragons hate to be tied down to any one thing for too long. Their morals are also often mutable, and they often change to serve their purposes.