When a bunny dragon's bondmate dies, the dragon almost invariably dies along with it. There are very rare times when this is not the case. When the dragon's bondmate is a skilled mage or knows that he or she will die, he has several key seconds before he succumbs to death in which his dragon will revert to an egg.

These dragons remember their past existances, and they will call to a bondmate, choosing the one they want. The new bondmate may be similar or different from the previous bond, but it will feel an inexplicable and urgent tug from the egg until it is discovered by the bondmate. These eggs are white, and they are not painted, as the Gehenians do not feel it is their place to influence the delicate eggs any more than necessary for relocation.

The other time a dragon will revert to an egg is when the dragon itself feels that the bond will fail. Given several months' notice, the dragon will begin to feel an inkling that this was the wrong bond. The dragon will then revert to an egg, and the dragon will be given a second chance with a new home.

In the case that a reverted dragon's bondmate fails or is killed for a second time, the dragon will die of a broken heart. There is no third try for these dragons.

When an older dragon's bondmate knows that they will not be able to fulfill their duties any longer, they may give the dragon up to a new bond without incurring any stress on the dragon. These are referred to as 'bond transfers', in which the original bondmate gives the dragon their blessing to find a new bond. Transferred bonds are weaker than the original bond, and the dragon will be distanced from their bondmate, but both sides of the bond need to work together. The dragon will not take a bond that doesn't want it, and it would rather die than do so. The dragon also will not take a bond that it does not want, and it would rather die than do so.

Abandoned eggs will remember little if anything of their time in their previous bondmate's custody, and are essentially blank slates to be raised lovingly by their new bondmates. Their bond will be the standard steel-trap bonding, and they are the least stressed of all abandoned dragons.