Far, far away, there are two worlds, two lives, two reasons. In both those worlds, lived by both those lives, there is but one reason. Because of this, the two worlds, two lives, were tied together with one spell: Veniam Mactare.

There is one world dedicated to this joining of spirits, of lives. On this world, there is little, but there is a gate. None can enter either world, save through this gate. Because of this, both worlds are generally called by the name of the world and the name of the spell.

In Veniam Mactare, there are many choices. The brave, the bold, the kind, the just; all are honored. Now, all can prove their mettles by going to Veniam Mactare, choosing a path, and adopting a dragon. The life of good nature guards the Clarus dragons of Dea. The life of dirge guards the Bunny Dragons and Ferreus Caves. 

And now there is a third world, one that is ever changing. Two has now become three, and the spell has become stronger. Now, the life of variety guards the Syon.

The choice is thine...



Find solace in the shadows.
Hope to find tomorrow.
Accompany a dragon.

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